Episode 109 - December 9, 2018 - Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasound, Winter Quizzes and So Much More!

December 9, 2018

"Pregnancy testing our cowherd is a cornerstone of beef cattle management.  Technology has changed a lot of how we PG cows and yet at the same time has not.  Tigger brings us those stories.  Shayle with Cattle Market News brings us a recap of the most recent Superior Livestock Sale, and how well will the Cap'n do when we test his knowledge of the winter season.  Tune into the next episode of the Working Ranch Radio Show to find out!"


Episode 108 - December 2, 2018 - Fall Calving, Fall Breeding and So Much More!!

December 2, 2018

"A fall calving cow herd may be just the solution given the resources available on our outfits.  If you do have a fall calving cow herd, then you are smack dab in the middle of breeding season.  Episode 108 of the Working Ranch Radio Show is all about the fall calving cows!


Episode 107 - November 25, 2018 - Mega Fires, Prescribed Burning, Conservation Practices and So Much More!

November 25, 2018

"We have been hearing a lot about the mega-fires in California.  On this week's show we hear about prescribed burning, conservation practices, and rangeland management.  Another great episode of The Working Ranch Radio Show!"


Episode 106 - November 18, 2018 - Marathon Cattle, Beef Checkoff, Thanksgiving Day Memories and So Much More!!

November 19, 2018

"We have a packed for for y'all!  We will hear about bull that run the marathon of development and cattle that take care of themselves, take care of us.  The Cap'n has a candid "sit down" conversation with the Chairman of the Federation of the State Beef Counsels.  And the boys share some Thanksgiving Day memories on the next episode of The Working Ranch Radio Show!"


Episode 105 - November 11, 2018 - Angus Recap, Free Stuff, Xmas Gift Ideas and So Much More!!

November 11, 2018

"Join Tigger and the Cap'n as they recap a few of the highlights from the 2018 American Angus Association Convention and Trade Show.  We all love free stuff.  Merck is having a contest with weekly winners....time to get registered!  Tigger shares a few Christmas gift ideas and there may even be a special guest appearance!  All that and more on this episode of The Working Ranch Radio Show!"


Episode 104 - November 4, 2018 - Southern Cow Nutrition, Ranch Rodeo Finals Preview, and So Much More!!

November 4, 2018

"Nutrition is so very important regardless of the region we ranch in.  This episode we head to Alabama to learn more about fescue.  Whenever we talk rodeo, Tigger gets all wound up.  We have a preview of the WRCA 23rd Annual Finals coming up in Amarillo, Texas.  Finally, the crew goes sailing?!?!?  It's the new production sale showcase.  Join the crew for the next episode of The Working Ranch Radio Show!"


Episode 103 - October 28, 2018 - Hurricane Recovery, Southern Cattle Coming North, Sustainable Beef and So Much More!!!

October 28, 2018

"We head to Florida and check in with Southern Cattle Company on the recovery effort from Hurricane Michael.  Can northern cattle head south and southern cattle head north and thrive?  We hear one outfit's opinion.  Sustainable beef can be complicated to understand but it doesn't have to be.  Those stories, and more, on the next episode of The Working Ranch Radio Show!"'


Episode 102 - October 21, 2018 - Cattle First, Ranchers Answering Questions and So Much More!!

October 21, 2018
"Ranchers stepped forward and said this is what we need, we call it "Cattle First".  We have updates from three cattle associations in the southeast  about the devastation of Hurricane Michael.  Those stories and more on the next episode of The Working Ranch Radio Show!"

Episode 101 - October 14, 2018 - Feedlot Calves, Pulling BRD’s, and Herd Health!

October 15, 2018

"With temperatures cooling down, it could mean temperatures warming up for our feedlot calves.  We explore Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) from some of the experts that have been pulling feedlot cattle for many years.  Perfect program for this time of year and moving cattle up and down the road.  Join us for the next episode of the Working Ranch Radio Show!"


Episode 100 - October 7, 2018 - We Did It! We Made It To The Century Mark!!

October 7, 2018

"It is finally here.  Our 100th episode!  It has been a fantastic journey and today we share some of the bloopers of our past 100 shows.  We hear how to add potential value to our calves this fall from IMI Global and the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator.  Pasture insurance....hmmmm.  The Cap'n will investigate that one.  A great episode that is sure to be a favorite.  The Working Ranch Radio Show, never miss it!"